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You can stream & purchase Emily Arin's studio albums and home recordings at Bandcamp (the most artist-friendly site). 


Studio albums can also be streamed on Spotify & Apple Music/iTunes. Home recordings only available on Bandcamp.

Patch of Land Album Cover_Emily Arin
Time and Space Album Cover_Emily Arin
Emily Arin Home Recordings Album Cover
Slipstream EP Album Cover_Emily Arin
Emily Arin opening for the Mountain Goats
Emily Arin on BBC 6 in 2010

“…beautiful. A total success. Patch of Land is like a warm embrace.”

– Vin Scelsa, WFUV, Idiot’s Delight



"Here is a case of where less is more; the songs speak on their own with touches of mellotron and slide guitar that add the necessary color yet never distracts from the center stage of her songs and her haunting listen-to-it-all-day kind of voice."

- Bruce Warren, WXPN 


“Emily Arin is our newest crush to emerge from the venerable school of dusky, graceful songwriting. This plaintive voiced lady is a must-listen for fans of Sharon Van Etten, Laura Gibson and similar.”

– Alan Pedder, Wears the Trousers



“I think Emily Arin’s voice is just flat-out birdlike. If I could choose the soundtrack to my REM sleep, I think it would sound like this.”

– Kim Ruehl, No Depression



"This week our Album of the Week came from Emily Arin, the gorgeous voiced singer songwriter whose new album Patch of Land has been a favourite of ours since we heard early demos last year."

– Ruth Barnes, BBC 6



"If Emily Arin doesn’t someday become a household name, it will be a shame. She is an incredibly gifted songwriter..."

– The Late Greats Music Blog



"[Arin] counts Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Hank Williams and Gillian Welch among her influences, but then, so do a lot of people who can’t write for sh*t. Arin has the goods, though...It’s a lovely introduction to a promising young performer."

– Listen, Damnit Blog


From 2001 - 2011, I pursued songwriting, recording and performing with a passion.


The desire to be a professional songwriter led me on many beautiful adventures---playing with an amazing band; building a global community of fans; laughing out loud with the legendary Vin Scelsa in the WFUV studios on his show Idiot's Delight; performing at Sundance Film Festival to celebrate Nuummioq, Greenland's first feature film; collaborating with musicians from around the world; and going on tour in a veggie oil van to play for the most loving fans in theaters, living rooms and rooftops across the US.

In 2011, I thought I was moving to Philadelphia to take my music to the next level. But life, in her non-negotiable way, forced a great pause. It was time to take stock, repair my physical and emotional health and reconnect with my love of the healing arts. Since that time, I have been devoting myself to the study and practice of holistic coaching and energy psychology

The past several years have been fruitful in so many ways---deepening my ability to be present with and helpful to others; expanding my capacity for joy, celebration and play. 

And now, at the dawn of 2024, life is having her say once again. I'm being led back to songs, stories and images. This time, with a different aim---with no "next level" to get to. This time, the aim is to fully honor my creativity while I'm here and to foster as much connection with others as possible. 

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