Unlocking what's beautiful, creative and wise.

Holding the pose for Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), one of the modalities I lead others through. 

I was considered the peacemaker growing up in my family. Not because I was terribly good at creating peace, but because I was so uncomfortable with conflict and suffering. I longed to soothe pain and discord and help everyone feel ok just to be. 

This deep desire for inner and outer peace led me on a long journey of research and discovery---studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in grad school in the early 2000s; practicing as a board-certified reflexologist since 2012; training in several approaches to coaching; and devoting the past eight years to exploring every facet and modality in the burgeoning field of energy psychology.


I have benefited greatly from this path in my personal life---including overcoming clinical depression and releasing the grip of some traumatic events from my teenage years. I have also increased my joy and deepened my sense that life, even with its great challenges, is an invitation to create a beautiful story that blesses all.

I love all the arts. But especially the art of defining and living a good life, and helping others do the same.


The privilege of helping unlock what's beautiful, creative and wise in others has been a great gift.

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